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Hape' Ceremony

Connect with yourself

Our greatest guidance comes from within. Connect with yourself and reclaim your personal power. Bufo is a powerful sacred medicine but it should only be used by trained facilitators in a ceremonial environment. Hape', however, is a shamanic snuff that can be used for detoxifying the body, clearing your energy, and connecting with your guides. It is a powerful tool and can yeild powerful results. 

Ben Walker

Hey there, my name is Ben and I'll be helping you on your journey. I am an energy healer who works in the Bufo ceremonies, but I also use with Hape' in my daily meditation practice. Daily meditation has changed my life and it has taught me many things about who I am, my relationships, and my place in this world. Allow me to guide you through your first experience with Hape' and connect with your inner self.

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