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Charlie Zarikian

CoFounder & Bufo Facilitator

Charlie Zarikian is a native
Houstonian and co-founder of
USNT. Charlie began his medicine journey with USNT before taking on an apprenticeship for Bufo which carried him all over South America, Mexico, throughout the United States and Canada. His deep understanding of ancient knowledge and esoteric wisdom, coupled with his passion for Sacred Earth Medicines, informs his leadership position at USNT. He values integrity, honestly, and has a profound love for humanity.

Brooke Tarrer

CoFounder & Bufo Facilitator

Brooke Tarrer is the matriarch and co-founder of USNT. The Houston-area native's passion for education laid the foundation for the innovative expansion of how Sacred Medicines could proliferate and heal the world. Her love of people and her incredibly generous nature does not go unappreciated. While she is steadfast to adhere to tradition, she is constantly using her creative prowess to innovate and inspire new ways to heal the world through Sacred Medicines, most specifically through Bufo.

(713) 657-9628

Blue Light

Adam Sherman

Bufo Facilitator & Quantum Energy Healer

Adam Sherman always knew he had to heal himself before helping others. His long road of awakening brought the former horse trainer to Sacred Earth Medicines. The New England native is now also a Reiki Master and a Graduate of a 2 year healing school "A Journey Through the Chakras". He brings his deep knowledge and understanding of different healing modalities including channeled energy work to his medicine practice to help unlock the highest healings during ceremonies and integration sessions.

(508) 961-7199

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