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Bufo Alvarius Relationship Envelopment 

Facilitator Training

 USNT Sacred Medicine Church offers an extraordinary two-week Bufo Facilitator Training Program, entitled, "BARE", Bufo Alvarius Relationship Envelopment.

The key focus of our Facilitator training is the relationship that forms between the consciousness of the individual in training and the consciousness of this medicine. We believe that the relationship lays the foundation and sets the highest standards for all USNT Bufo Ceremonies. The definition of a relationship may be brief, yet carries a powerful implication. To define relationship, "it is a connection, association, or bond between two or more entities". In a general sense, it can refer to the way in which two or more people or things are connected. Relationships can exist between individuals, groups, or even abstract concepts. When it comes to establishing a relationship with the consciousness of a sacred medicine, such as in the context of certain spiritual or shamanic practices, it typically involves a deeply personal and often spiritual process. Different cultures and traditions have their own approaches to this that best equip individuals with the spiritual knowledge and abilities to be an open channel for the Medicines in which they carry, and the specifics can vary widely.  It's important to note that the process of establishing a relationship with the consciousness of a sacred medicine is deeply personal and can be profound and transformative. At USNT, the formation of each relationship between trainiee and medicine is approached with great reverence and respect for the traditions and culture of our ancestors that kept the knowledge of Bufo held safely within prophecy for over 500 years. At the core of the Bufo Facilitator Training Program is the recognition that the relationship between the facilitator and Bufo Alvarius is of paramount importance. USNT has created a structured and supportive environment, offering guidance and space for individuals to lay the groundwork for a deep and meaningful connection with the medicine. This foundational relationship serves as the catalyst for safe, purposeful and sacred ceremonial practice, aligning with the unfolding prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. We understand the magnitude of the time that is upon us, as well as the responsibility we each carry of the proper and sacred resurrection and restoration of  such a powerful medicine as Bufo Alvarius.  

USNT's BARE Facilitator Training Program is the implementation of these deeper understandings. At USNT Church we provide a transformative environment for participants to establish a profound, symbiotic, and meaningful relationship with the medicine. This comprehensive program is rooted in the belief that the world is quickly changing to one based in the higher frequencies of love, and that the medicine of Bufo Alvarius has found its way back into the Collective Conciousness of humanity to aide us in this transition to higher state of being. We believe that the time has come for those destined to carry forth this medicine to humanity to begin that journey.  

Throughout the two-week training, participants are immersed in the teachings and deeper understanding of the Conscious nature of Bufo Alvarius, fostering an  unexpected broadening of perspective of their new found connection and realization that the relationship that is being formed is very much a two way street, that is to say, that the Consciousness of Bufo Alvarius begins to make itself known and recognizable to the B.A.R.E. Trainiee.


The B.A.R.E. Facilitator Training Program was created by USNT Sacred Medicine Church Founder, Brooke Tarrer, whom holds her BA in Education, and 10 years working with Saced Medicine. The program she created for USNT Bufo Facilitation goes well beyond traditional instruction, emphasizing the development of a holistic and reciprocal relationship with Bufo Alvarius. Participants are encouraged to engage in introspective practices, self-discovery, and personal growth, preparing them to embody the teachings of the medicine and fulfill their personal role with the gifts that only they can bring to Bufo Facilitation and to this Movement of Medicine at large.. The BARE   Program equips participants with a deep understanding of safety procedures, ceremonial practices, and the multi-dimensional nature of Bufo Alvarius. As the relationship with the medicine deepens and broadens, participants naturally integrate safety protocols and best practices into their interactions, having these become second nature ensuring a secure and nurturing environment for themselves and future ceremonial participants. Just as the Eagle and the Condor prophecy unfolds in real time, those being called to this medicine are being summoned to fulfill their own paths. Trainees at USNT undergo a profound transformation, learning to live and function purposefully within the multi-dimensional space of Bufo Alvarius. The program enables participants to embody the principles of the medicine, developing the skills necessary to serve as stewards of its wisdom and healing properties, aligning with the unfolding prophecy and their destined role in carrying forth this sacred medicine to humanity. Upon completion of the program, graduates are prepared to serve as compassionate and competent facilitators, embodying the teachings of Bufo Alvarius. This Training Program provides an unparalleled approach to working with Bufo Alvarius, emphasizing the direct relationship with the medicine itself and the fulfillment of destiny according to the living prophecy.


USNT offers a supportive environment for participants, providing a bunkhouse for live-in dormitory accommodation during the two-week training period. This arrangement allows trainees to fully immerse themselves in the experience, fostering a sense of community and shared growth among participants as they prepare to embrace their role in carrying this Medicine in a Sacred way to humanity.

The initial two weeks of training are spent on our Church grounds in Huntsville TX. These initial two weeks are just the beginning of a lifelong commitment to an ever growing and ever expanding relationship as a pupil of this Sacred Medicine, Bufo Alvarius. As a graduate of USNT Sacred Medicine Church, one becomes a Facilitator/Minister of USNT Sacred Medicine Church and is required to remain committed to the safe  and sacred practices of USNT . 

The Cost of the B.A.R.E. Facilitator Program is $5,000, of which a Non-Refundable $1,000 Deposit is required well in advance of training to hold one's spot

Those interested in participating in our B.A.R.E. Training Program can call (713) 657-9628 for more information.

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