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The Prohecy of The Eagle & The Condor

The Eagle and the Condor prophecy is a significant indigenous prophecy that originated in the Americas. According to this prophecy, when the Eagle of the north and the Condor of the south come together in the same sky, the spirit of the land will be reawakened. This prophecy was set in motion over 500 years ago on August 13, 1521, with the Spanish conquest and the subsequent destruction of the Aztec Civilization. Within the context of this prophecy, it is suggested that the Aztecs hid a secret related to the Bufo Alvarius Medicine, also known as the "Bufo Alvarius toad." This medicine is believed to have transformative and spiritual properties. It is important to note that the association between the Bufo Alvarius toad and the Aztec Civilization does have a historical basis, (as seen in the photos), although the toad's significance in spiritual practices has only gained recognition in more recent times, we can understand now the reason for this, for the protection of the medicine itself and for humanity at large, the knowledge of this Sacred Medicine was hidden for 500 years to be re-discovered by us now. The prophecy further elaborates that the Peyote Grandfather Medicine symbolizes the Eagle of the North, while the Ayahuasca Grandmother Medicine represents the Condor of the South. Peyote is a cactus found in the deserts of North America, particularly the Sonoran Desert, and has been used by indigenous cultures for its sacred and healing properties. Ayahuasca, on the other hand, is a psychoactive brew made from specific plants found in the Amazon rainforest region, predominantly associated with South American indigenous cultures. The shared sky mentioned in the prophecy refers to the Sonoran Desert, which spans both the north and south regions of the Americas. The Bufo Alvarius toad, (the carrier of this medicine) resides deep within the earth of this desert for nine months of the year, venturing to the earth’s surface only three months out of the year, the peak month for harvesting this medicine is August. With this understanding, we can see how  the toads themselves as well as the Medicine from these toads  represent the reawakening of the spirit of the land. The 500-year duration of the prophecy, from August 13th, 1521, to August 13th, 2021, signifies a period of significant transformation and reconciliation between the indigenous cultures and the dominant forces that emerged during the colonial era. This timeframe is seen as a period of healing, recovery, and the reconnection of the spiritual traditions of the Americas. It is important to note that the interpretation and understanding of the Eagle and the Condor prophecy may vary among different indigenous communities and individuals. The prophecy holds deep cultural and spiritual significance, reflecting the resilience and wisdom of the indigenous peoples, and the Sacred Medicines of the Americas.

While there are various interpretations and theories surrounding the Eagle and the Condor, According to this line of thought, the Aztecs possessed knowledge of their own impending demise as a civilization. It is suggested that in anticipation of their downfall, they deliberately concealed a significant portion of their artifacts and oral history, including their knowledge of the Sacred Bufo Alvarius toad medicine. The secrecy surrounding the Bufo Alvarius toad medicine, despite its ancient origins, has captivated the curiosity of many researchers and spiritual seekers. This medicine, renowned for its profound effects on consciousness and spiritual experiences, has long been shrouded in mystery. The notion that the Aztec civilization may have held a deeper understanding of this sacred sacrament adds an intriguing layer to its enigmatic nature. The concept of a 500-year-long secret, as implied by the prophecy, offers a potential explanation for the scarcity of information surrounding the Bufo Alvarius toad medicine throughout history. It suggests that the Aztecs intentionally safeguarded this knowledge, ensuring its preservation for future generations. However, it is essential to approach these historical speculations with caution, as the nature of hidden secrets and cover-ups can be challenging to substantiate conclusively. The interpretation of historical events and the motivations behind them often rely on fragmentary evidence, cultural perspectives, and individual interpretations. Nonetheless, it is well known and understood that the Aztec civilization possessed advanced knowledge and wisdom of many things including astrological interpretations and their creation of meticulous calendars, just to name a few. Their understanding of the Bufo Alvarius toad medicine, adds an intriguing dimension to the exploration and appreciation of indigenous cultures and their spiritual practices. It underscores the resilience and depth of indigenous knowledge systems that have persevered through challenging historical circumstances. As our understanding of the Eagle and the Condor prophecy and it’s relation to the Sacred Bufo Alvarius Toad Medicine continues to evolve and our appreciation for indigenous wisdom deepens, it is important to approach these topics with respect, humility, and mostly, a commitment by all those who carry this medicine, to collaborative learning from diverse cultures and perspectives as to the true history of Bufo Alvarius.

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