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Navigating in Woods

Choosing a Direction Focused Ceremony

Choosing a specific direction for a Private Ceremony is a powerful way to initiate your healing journey. Choosing a direction allows for the individual to personally direct the focus of the powerful energies in Ceremony in order to utilize the natural forces of nature for their own healing experience. All Direction Focused Ceremonies are optional and require at least one week notice, a Reservation for a Private Ceremony and a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold the reservation. Please read all of the information on each direction prior to choosing a focus.

Man Walking in Fields
PHYSICAL NATURE; Ancestors, Death
WITHIN; Ancestral Lineage 
PHYSICAL NATURE; Women, Mothers, Sisters
WITHIN; The Divine Feminine
PHYSICAL NATURE; Men, Fathers, Brothers
WITHIN; The Divine Masculine
PHYSICAL NATURE; Children, Birth
WITHIN; The Child Within

The Four Directions 

In the South,

direction of children and earth

We find joy and play,

a sense of rebirth

New beginnings meet fertile ground

Where seeds are planted,

and new life is found


To the North,

direction of ancestors and air

We find wisdom and guidance, a knowing thats rare

A time of recollection

through deep introspection

A Spiritual reconnection 

of the lives within our reflection.


In the West,

direction of women and water

We travel the emotional depths,

of a healing marter.

A time of transformation,

new perspectives begin,

Where love flows freely

from the compassion within


In the East,

direction of men and fire

We find the inspiration of spirit, a burning desire

A call of action,

a time to bring forth

The gifts we possess,

to know our own worth


The four directions,

A sacred wheel

A map of life, we each can feel

A reminder of our connection

to all things

And the power within

that each one brings


May we honor the North, South, East and West, 

As we set forth today on this Spiritual Quest

For it is through their balance, we find our summation, 

As the wholeness of life, within our creation.

Let us each take time to ponder

The North, South, East and West, 

In preparation of Ceremony,

Our Spiritual Quest

For it is through their balance, we find our summation, 

As the wholeness of life,

within our creation.

~Brooke Tarrer~

 A Poem For Ceremony 

The Directions


Connecting with Past Loved Ones, Healing Past Life Trama, Healing of Genetic Traits, Connecting to Ancestors, Healing of Inherited Disease, DNA Activations, Spiritual Upgrades.


New Beginnings, Seeking or Celebrating a New Life Path, Infertility, Birthday Celebrations, Healing Childhood Tramas, Reconnecting with the Child Within, 


Finding your Passion, Seeking Purpose, Healing Depression, Seeking a New Career Path, Igniting Creativity, Healing the Masculine. Healing Father or Brother issues, 


Healing the Feminine, Healing Anxiety, Mastering the Art of Allowing, Finding Compassion, Releasing Control, Connecting to the Fluidity of Life, Healing Mother or Sister Issues.

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