Minimum Donations

All of our Ceremonies require a Minimum Donation & Church Membership to Attend. 

Membership is free and as a member of this website you are already considered a member of our Church. To attend Ceremony as a member you will only be required to sign your Membership card when paying your donation upon arrival.

Minimum Donation/Energy Exchange

 The Energy Exchange involved is considered a gift of light between both parties that begins in  Ceremony and continues to expand out in all directions, to all walks of life. We do our best to acomodate for those wanting/needing to attend Ceremony and do not have the financial means. One way we are able to do this is by the collective of small sponsorship donations from our members. If you feel called to help sponsor a brother or sister's Ceremony, please call us directly. Our current goal is to have at least one Sponsored Member each Ceremony. These sponsored spaces are very limited considering, and when there are no sponsored spots available, one space will be available based on an energy exchange of your own unique gifts. There is a waiting list for those whom this may resonate with so if the Medicine is calling you, then please do not hesitate to call us.

To find out the Minimum Donation for a Ceremony you are interested in attending, please Call or Text us at

(713) 657-9628  

Our website is only one of several means of making a reservation of attendance, and therefore does not accurately reflect the number of reservations for any given Ceremony. 

Some Ceremonies May Require 

A Non Refundable Deposit (of the Donation Minimum) to hold your reservation. Please call well ahead of time to be sure space is still available for making a reservation and/or prior to placing a deposit by contacting us via text or by phone at;

(713) 657-9628


Camping in the Woods

Camping & Bunking

Our Church offers Outdoor Camping Space, and Indoor Bunkbeds here on our Church grounds. These are open to all members and optional every Ceremony weekend for those traveling or needing to integrate in nature pre or post Ceremony. The Donation for Camping is $25 per night and Bunking Indoors is $50 per night.

If Camping, you will need to bring your own tent and camping supplies.
Just as those bunking indoors, all campers will have additional access to the house, kitchen, & indoor bathrooms. As well all indoor bunkers will have access to all outdoor acomodations such as; grills, fire circle, outdoor bathroom & showers, p
ond, creek, swiming hole, and above ground pool in the summer.


*Campers Not Permitted to Set Up Camp In Ceremony Space*

*Dogs Are Not Permitted*

What To Bring

For All Ceremonies, Please Bring the Following;

  1. Plantable Perrenial Flowers

  2. Water

  3. Dry Firewood Bundle 

  4. Change of Clothes

For the Ceremonies Listed Below,

Please Also Bring;

Grandfather Peyote

Women long skirt required for both Ceremony & Sweat
Men pants (no shorts) required
All shoulders covered (no tank tops)
Men Only swim shorts for Sweatlodge are permitted
A cushion to sit on
Food to share in the morning


Wear All White Clothing
Fruit & Flowers