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Becoming a Host of USNT is a remarkable opportunity that quickly opens the door for any and all to become an active and integrate part of this exciting and ever-expanding movement of medicine by bringing the medicine directly to you and your community. By hosting USNT Ceremonies you will in turn be opening the doors for this medicine to move in your own life in direct and profound ways. All USNT Hosts are encouraged and supported by USNT to begin to understand their deeper connection with their own Spirit through Bufo Alvarius by actively forming a relationship with this medicine. The way in which we support and foster this growth in our hosts is by extending (free of charge) the optional experience of spending a pre-hosting weekend with the inclusion of Ceremony here on our land. This experience that is open to all potential hosts offers a "Behind the Scenes" understanding of the work involved in hosting Ceremony, as well as the time and first hand experience of being a participant in the very experience you plan to host. In this way we are afforded the opportunity to collaborate and work together to bring this medicine to the world. As a Ceremony host you (and a friend) are open to attend and participate in any and all Ceremonies you host.

Are You Ready?

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to all who are ready to take this leap forward in their own journey and become hosts of USNT Ceremonies. This is an incredible opportunity for you to bring the transformative power of a Bufo Ceremony, or Bufo Retreats to your community, no matter where your location may be in the world.

By organizing a USNT Ceremony/Retreat, you can create a space for profound healing, spiritual growth, and self-discovery right in your own backyard. Hosting a USNT Ceremony is an opportunity to share the profound experience of Bufo Alvarius, the sacred toad medicine, with others who are seeking a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them.

Our dedicated team of experienced Bufo Facilitators is ready to travel to your location and guide participants through this life-changing journey. To ensure the success of each Ceremony, we have a few requirements for our hosts: 

Firstly, we ask for a commitment of either a single day or an entire weekend dedicated to the Bufo Ceremony. This time allows for a comprehensive exploration of the medicine's potential and provides a transformative experience for all participants.


In order to create a meaningful gathering, we require a minimum of 10 committed individuals per Ceremony day. This ensures a diverse and supportive community for everyone involved.


Additionally, we kindly request that hosts collect non-refundable deposits from attendees to cover the travel expenses of our dedicated facilitators. These deposits will serve as the funding for their journey to your location.


As a host, you will be responsible for providing a suitable Ceremony space. Ideally, this space should be located outdoors, amidst the beauty of nature, and secluded from the distractions of everyday life. We believe that being in harmony with nature enhances the connection to the medicine and facilitates a profound experience.



The host is required to provide any accommodations necessary for overnight stays that may be needed of the facilitators. For hosts planning a full retreat experience, overnight accommodations for attendees will also be required.

(Note; many hosts who do not have the appropriate space for hosting Ceremonies or space to provide accommodations decide to use the option of renting an AirBnB space. Though this is a suitable option, know that all responsibilities (including financial) of space rental lies in the hands of the host).

If you are ready to embark on this incredible journey as a USNT Ceremony Host, please contact us through the provided phone number first via text message indicating your intention by texting (713)657-9628 with the following;

1. "HOST" (all caps)

2. Your Location (or potential location for Ceremony)

3. Name/Number

From this text a reply text will be returned to arrange a suitable time for discussion and collaboration.

We greatly appreciate your interest and desire to become an active part of this movement and look forward to working with you to bring the transformative power of Bufo Ceremonies to people all around the globe.

In love and gratitude,

USNT Church

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