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Meet The Founder

Brooke Tarrer

A Pioneer in the Sacred Medicine Movement as the Founder of USNT Church


In the realm of spiritual exploration and the healing powers of sacred medicine, one woman's remarkable journey stands out. Meet Brooke Tarrer, an extraordinary individual who, guided by Spirit, founded the USNT Church in 2015. With her unwavering dedication and profound connection to both Spirit and nature, Brooke has become a driving force within the Sacred Medicine Movement. The following information delves into her transformative path, her commitment to building a family, and the profound impact she has had on spreading the healing power of Sacred Medicine.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Brooke spent her Elementary years in a Private Episcopalian School, and her middle and high school years in a Private Baptist School. In Brooke’s early teen years she realized she had a deep connection with Spirit and a heart for Ministry. In her early teens she became involved with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and underwent their training in Denver Colorado. Brooke fulfilled this path through her church’s youth group, helping to lead and run youth retreats at several churches within Texas. Brooke put herself through College working within the education system as a teacher’s aide for children labeled as emotionally disturbed and children diagnosed autistic. Her experience working with these children within an outdated education system planted deep within her the need for reform within the system itself. Brooke pursued this passion with her major in Education and minor in Special Needs Children, eventually becoming a Special Ed Teacher for children with Autism. However, her life took a profound turn when she experienced a spiritual awakening in 2008 leading her to embark on a remarkable journey.


In 2015, Brooke Tarrer was inspired by Spirit to establish the USNT Church. The church, which stands for Universal Shaman’s of the New Tomorrow, has since become a pivotal institution within the Sacred Medicine Movement. Brooke's deep connection to Spirit and her reverence for the natural world guided her in creating a sanctuary where individuals could explore the healing potential of sacred medicines.


One of the defining characteristics of USNT Church is Brooke’s commitment to creating a family, she has done this by fostering a personal relationship with every member, both young and old. Recognizing the importance of individualized guidance and support, she ensures that each person feels seen, heard, and knows that they are an integral part of the USNT family. By cultivating this family within the Church, Brooke promotes an environment of trust, compassion, and exponential spiritual growth together.


Brooke’s profound dedication to Spirit, the spirits of nature, and her personal relationship with the Spirits of her land and the Spirit of Bufo Alvarius (The Sacrament of USNT Church) is the driving force behind her work. She relinquished her previous city life and committed herself entirely to serving the Divine and facilitating healing through Sacred Medicine. Her deep reverence for the natural world is reflected in the practices and Ceremonies of USNT Church, which integrate nature-based spirituality with the transformative power of sacred medicine.


Over the past nine years, USNT Church has played a crucial role in the Sacred Medicine Movement. Through its teachings, practices, and the unfoldment of Prophecy the Church has attracted numerous members who have found solace, healing, and new found connection to Spirit. Inspired by their experiences within USNT, many members have gone on to establish their own medicine churches, contributing to the wider proliferation of this Sacred Medicine Movement and its transformative potential.


Brooke Tarrer’s  journey from a traditional school teacher to the Founder of USNT Church exemplifies the power of spiritual awakening and the transformative potential of Sacred Medicine. By establishing a personal connection with all members, and encouraging the same connection between members, she has created an environment of love and family that fosters Spiritual growth both individually and collectively. Through her devotion to Spirit, nature and systematic reform, Brooke has played a pivotal role in the Sacred Medicine Movement, inspiring others to embark on their own spiritual journeys and spread the healing power of the sacred medicines.


Brooke Tarrer

52 Ripple Creek Dr

Huntsville TX 77320


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