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Below You Will Find Our Next Upcoming FEATURED RETREAT, Though we offer Ceremony Every Weekend, and a Retreat Once a Month, Here at USNT Church We Will Always Have an UP Coming Featured Retreat. A USNT Featured Retreat is One That Takes Our Creativity, Spirits And Passion For This Medicine to New Heights, Bringing New Horizons Into View For Us To Experience With New Eyes. 

We are always on the hunt for new concepts and ideas for dynamic experience with this Sacred Medicine, always feel open to call us with any ideas or visions you may have for a Future Featured Ceremony, Remember; We Are All In This Together.. 


The Collective Eclipse Bufo Retreat:

A Dynamic and Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience!


We hope that the title of this upcoming retreat finds you well, filled with curiosity, and open to stepping out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. It is with great excitement that we extend an exclusive invitation to The Collective Eclipse Bufo Retreat, hosted by Universal Shaman's of the New Tomorrow Church.


This immersive retreat, taking place from October 13th to October 15th, is an unparalleled opportunity to embark on a profound inner journey of self-discovery, healing, and collective transformation. At the heart of this extraordinary event lies Two Incredible and Profound Experiences of which both are rare to experience in life, and of which we, USNT Church will combine in order that we together can utilize as a Collective family of light to set forth our intentions and deep prayers for all of humanity. These two rare experiences that we will utilize in combination to set forth our prayers for humanity are the Solar Eclipse on October 14th, 2023 and the sacred medicine of Bufo Alvarius, renowned for its transcendent and visionary properties. As we gather together, we will create a powerful synergy, amplifying the intentions, healing, and insights that emerge from our individual journeys, collectively with the medicine together.


Over the course of three transformative days, you will have the privilege of participating in three consecutive Bufo Ceremonies facilitated by experienced and compassionate guides. These ceremonies will guide you through the depths of your inner landscape, unveiling hidden truths, and opening doors to spiritual growth and profound self-awareness.


Whether you choose to join us for the full three-day retreat or opt for the awe-inspiring day of the eclipse on October 14th, this event promises to be a sacred space where profound connections are made, and lives are forever changed.


As space is limited to ensure an intimate and personal experience, we kindly request that you secure your reservation with a non-refundable deposit. This will guarantee your place among the fortunate souls embarking on this transformational journey.


Here are the essential details of The Collective Eclipse Bufo Retreat:


Dates: October 13th - October 15th

Location: Universal Shaman's of the New Tomorrow Church (52 Ripple Creek Dr, Huntsville TX, 77320)

Duration: Optional 3 Day Retreat (Indoor Bunking or Outdoor Camping), 1 Group Ceremony on Saturday of the Eclipse

Option 1: Full 3-day retreat with Indoor Bunking $900 ($300 of $900 Deposit Required)

Option 2: Full 3 Day Retreat, Outdoor Camping $750 ($200 of $750 Required)

Option 3: 1 Day Group Ceremony of the eclipse, October 14th (2 rounds of medicine) $400 ($100 of $400 Deposit Required)

Included In The Full 3 Day Retreat;

Opening Circle (Fri AM)

THREE Full Bufo Ceremonies (Fri, Sat, & Sun)

Integration Groups (Fri & Sat  Afternoons)

Bufo Entanglement Workshop (Medicine Included; Fri Late Afternoon)

Evening Fire & Drum Circle (Fri & Sat Evenings)

Yoga (Sat & Sun Mornings)

The Collective Group Eclipse Prayer with Medicine (Sat During Ceremony)

All Meals Included

Closing Circle (Sunday Afternoon)


Reki Session

Tarot or Intuitive Guidance Readings

Available Throughout the weekend:

Nature Hikes

Excursions to the Swimming Hole (Up Our Natural Spring Fed Creek)

Open Fire Circles and BBQ Pits

Please note that due to the limited availability of spaces, early reservations are highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

To secure your place and embark on this extraordinary adventure, kindly reach out to our dedicated team at

[713)657-9628 They will guide you through the reservation process and answer any questions or concerns you may have.


We eagerly anticipate your presence at The Collective Eclipse Bufo Retreat. Together, let us explore the depths of our souls, connect with the sacred medicine, and weave a tapestry of collective healing and transformation that will reverberate throughout humanity.


With warm regards,

Brooke Tarrer, Founder of USNT Church

Universal Shaman's of the New Tomorrow Church



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