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About Our Medicine

The Sacred Medicine of Bufo Alvarius is considered the Sacrament of our Ceremonies and our Church.

In all the topics to be discussed & covered on this website, the most important and yet profound is, “About Our Medicine” this by far is the most challenging in respect to the understanding that there are no words that can describe the experience of taking Bufo Alvarius. As I, (Brooke/Founder of USNT) write this information I find myself almost wishing that I had written this information long before forming a relationship with Bufo, the reasoning for that is simple, it is much easier to write from a third party perspective. The challenge of writing “about the medicine” while within a deeply established relationship with it comes from my absolute respect and reverence for the Consciousness of Bufo Alvarius itself, for knowing these grand truths of its importance and not allowing myself to downplay or disregard this knowledge out of fear of sounding outlandish or as a dreamer. Having expressed this, I will tell you now before you read further, that this will not be your ordinary explanation of Bufo Alvarius. 


The way I see it is that one has the entire internet to scour for basic information about Bufo, However if Bufo has called you to USNT Church for your experience of connecting with it’s Consciousness, then I feel it is important for you to read “about the medicine” from the same grander perspective and viewpoint in which Bufo has presented itself to me, and as we continue to present and share this medicine  with you and to the world here at USNT Church. 

To Read More About Our Understandings of Bufo, Click Below...

I feel that the most important scientific aspect of the of Bufo is in it’s direct synchronistic union with it’s divine nature, and that is simply to imply that it is Non-Dual in nature, IE; there are no right or wrong answers, there is simply source, and our connection to it, and the understandings we take from it. Having said this know that there is no judgment on our part of how others perceive and offer this medicine, USNT’s way is simply how source has presented itself to me, and the understandings I have taken from it, which has become the basic foundation of our church. 

Understanding the Difference Between 5MEO-DMT & BUFO ALVARIUS

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