• Group Bufo Ceremony
    Sat, Sep 18
    52 Ripple Creek Dr
    Group Bufo Ceremony w/Brooke & Charlie September 18th, 10am… Weekend Pre & Post Integration Campout Optional, Friday September 17th 4pm to Sunday, September 19th to 4pm. Please… Wear all white to Ceremony, Bring Food to share, & Dry Fir For reservations and minimum donation please call (713)657-9628
  • USNT’s Bufo Facilatator Training, Fall 2021
    Fri, Oct 01
    52 Ripple Creek Dr
    USNT’s Two Week Bufo Facilitator Training Program. To apply click on link below https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bFS6_z7jis4i6za9pE6a2jEOM6-8xZ3rP8TTt8UmxoY/viewform?pli=1&pli=1&edit_requested=true
  • Sat, Oct 02
    52 Ripple Creek Dr
    Grandfather Ceremony & Sweat to follow. October 2 at 7pm
  • Group Bufo Ceremony
    Sat, Oct 16
    Group Bufo Ceremony (& weekend long campout is optional). Earliest arrival, 2pm Friday October 5th, Ceremony begins at 10am October 16th. Please wear all white and bring food to share.