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The Quantum Enriched USNT Workshop

An Immersive Exploration of Sacred Medicine and Sympathetic Quantum Entanglement

Introduction: Welcome to the Quantum-Enriched USNT Workshop, an extraordinary event that offers attendees a unique opportunity to delve into the realms of Sacred Medicine to learn and understand on a deeper comprehensive of the inner Spiritual workings of Bufo Alvarius, while simultaneously engaging in a groundbreaking experience of sympathetic quantum entanglement. This workshop aims to provide an immersive,  setting for participants to expand their knowledge, promote personal growth, and explore the fascinating interplay between consciousness, quantum physics, and Sacred medicinal practices.


Objective: The primary objective of the Quantum-Enriched USNT Workshop is to foster a profound understanding and appreciation for the Sacred medicinal properties of Bufo Alvarius, and its potential benefits. Additionally, this workshop seeks to explore the concept of sympathetic quantum entanglement and its potential implications for personal and collective transformation.


Workshop Structure: The workshop is designed as a one day event, with a follow up meeting via Zoom, it is carefully curated to ensure a seamless integration of theoretical knowledge, experiential learning, and practical applications. The structure is divided into three key components:

1. Theoretical Exploration: The workshop commences with a meticulously crafted lecture and collective discussion on the fields of Sacred medicine, quantum physics, Prophecy and consciousness. This session aims to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the medicinal properties of Bufo Alvarius, including its historical significance, chemical composition (synthetic vs toad), & therapeutic potential. Furthermore, an in-depth exploration of quantum physics and its relevance to consciousness will be undertaken, emphasizing the concept of sympathetic quantum entanglement.

2. Experiential Journeys: Building upon the theoretical foundation, the workshop offers participants the opportunity to engage in experiential journeys facilitated by experienced professionals. These journeys will involve the controlled administration of Bufo Alvarius medicine in a safe and supportive environment. Attendees will be guided through transformative experiences, encouraging self-reflection, expanded awareness, and potential healing. While these experiences are deeply personal, the facilitators will be available to provide individual support and guidance throughout the process.

3. Sympathetic Quantum Entanglement: A truly groundbreaking aspect of this workshop is the integration of sympathetic quantum entanglement experiences. Through understandings and techniques learned through personal immersion with Bufo, the facilitators have created a safe and exploratory experience in which participants can explore their own interconnectedness of consciousness and quantum phenomena. Participants will engage in group exercises designed to foster a sense of shared experience and interconnectivity, enabling the exploration of quantum entanglement on a personal and collective level.


Ethics and Safety: The Quantum-Enriched USNT Workshop places the utmost importance on ethics and participant safety. All activities, including the administration of Bufo Alvarius medicine, will be carried out under the strict guidance of experienced facilitators. The workshop adheres to established protocols, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all attendees. Additionally, thorough pre-screening and ongoing support systems will be in place to address any physical, psychological, or emotional concerns that may arise during or after the workshop.

Conclusion: The Quantum-Enriched USNT Workshop offers an unparalleled opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in the realms of Sacred medicine and sympathetic quantum entanglement. Through a carefully structured program encompassing theoretical exploration, Spiritual and experiential journeys with Bufo Alvarius medicine, and the exploration of quantum phenomena..

Workshops are included with every retreat, 
Offered on their own on certain Saturdays at 2pm, or Sundays at 11am for $200

For Upcoming Workshop Dates,
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