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In 2015, when Brooke first received the calling from the Sacred Medicines, she had NO Understanding or knowledge of the Eagle Condor Prophecy. As USNT unfolded she was soon to realize that we are very much a part of helping to bring this prophecy to fulfillment.  The Eagle Condor Prophecy claims that when the Eagle of the North flies together again with the Condor of the south, the Spirit of the Land will reawaken. The Eagle and the Condor represent the Indigenous People of North and South America, their Traditions and Sacred Medicines. Fulfilling this Prophecy has become our mission here at USNT.  


USNT is a Church that offers our members ancient and holistic modalities of healing by connecting with Spirit through Sacred Medicine and their traditional Ceremonies for Deep Healing, Spiritual Growth, and a Re-Connection with Source,


At USNT, the one thing we value most is the Family we have formed and continue to form here on our USNT land. Attending a Sacred Ceremony can and often is a Life Changing Experience, through which Life Long connections between our members new and old are constantly being made and further strengthening our USNT family.

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