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USNT offers a 3 Day/2 Night Retreat Once a Month,

And a 5 Day/4 Night Retreat that is offered once every 3 months.

Please Refer to Our Events Page to See a List of Upcoming Retreats.


Sacred Medicine Retreats

**Transformative Journeys with USNT Church**

Welcome to the transformative world of Sacred Medicine Retreats offered at USNT Church. Our retreats provide a unique opportunity for individuals seeking personal growth, spiritual awakening, and a deeper understanding of their own purpose in life. Through powerful workshops, immersive experiences, and the sacred medicine of Bufo Alvarius, participants embark on a life-changing journey that leaves a lasting impact.

**Unveiling the Living Prophecy:**

At USNT Church, we believe that each individual is part of a living prophecy that is unfolding now, in real time. Our Sacred Medicine Retreats are designed to help participants not only recognize, but embrace their role in this living prophecy. Through profound spiritual experiences facilitated by those who have a deep connection and relationship with the spirit of this sacred medicine, individuals gain deep insights into their own lives, their connection to the world around them, and their purpose within it.

**A Path of Education and Transformation:**

Our retreats offer a rich educational experience, providing participants with the tools and knowledge to navigate their personal journey towards self-discovery. Through a range of workshops led by experienced facilitators, attendees explore various aspects of spirituality, indigenous wisdom, personal growth, and healing modalities. These workshops serve as catalysts for personal transformation, empowering participants to break through limitations, heal past wounds, and unlock their full potential.

**A Journey of Spirit and Connection:**

Central to the Sacred Medicine Retreat experience is the development of a profound relationship with one's own spirit. Through the ceremonial use of sacred medicines, participants are guided on a deep inward journey, connecting with their inner essence, and gaining a clearer understanding of their spiritual path. This sacred connection allows individuals to access higher states of consciousness, receive spiritual guidance, and tap into their innate wisdom.

**Building Bonds, Creating Family:**

Our retreats foster an environment of community and support, encouraging participants to connect, share, and grow together as family. By joining a Sacred Medicine Retreat, individuals become a more active part of the larger USNT family, a network of like-minded individuals seeking personal and spiritual growth. The retreat experience offers a unique opportunity to form deep bonds with fellow retreat members, providing a sense of belonging and a support system that extends well beyond the retreat itself.

**Becoming an Active Member of USNT Church:**

Participating in a Sacred Medicine Retreat opens doors to becoming a more active member of the USNT Church community. As an organization committed to spiritual growth and positive change, USNT offers a range of ongoing programs, ceremonies, and events designed to support individuals on their spiritual journey. Retreat participants are encouraged to continue their involvement with USNT, deepening their connection to the community and furthering their personal and collective transformation.


Embark on a life-altering journey of self-discovery, spiritual awakening, and community connection through a USNT Sacred Medicine Retreat. Through transformative workshops, sacred ceremonies, and the power of sacred medicine, you will unlock the depths of your spirit, embrace your role in the living prophecy, and discover your greater purpose in life. Join us and become part of the USNT family, where personal growth, spiritual exploration, and positive change converge in a powerful and supportive community & family.

Retreat Inclusions & Costs 

Three Day/Two Night Retreat
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

2 Indoor Overnight Stays,
2 Group Bufo Ceremonies,
1 Workshop
Continental Breakfast, Light Lunch & Dinner Included all three Days


Five Day/Four Night Retreat
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,Wednsday
4 Indoor Overnight Stays
4 Group Direction Focused Ceremonies
1 Group Ceremony,
1 Workshop
Continental Breakfast, Light Lunch & Dinner Included all five days

To Learn More About the Workshop & Direction Ceremonies that are Included In the Retreats Please See The Links Below


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