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Couples Therapy

In the realm of sacred and transformative experiences, Bufo Alvarius, commonly known as the Sonoran Desert toad or the Bufo Alvarius toad, has emerged as a powerful catalyst for healing and personal growth. Revered for its natural secretion, known as 5-MeO-DMT, this remarkable substance used in Sacrament at USNT Church has the potential to facilitate profound spiritual experiences and awakenings. For couples seeking to deepen their connection and embark on a transformative journey together, the healing power of Bufo Alvarius can be truly remarkable. When approached with reverence and intention, the Bufo Alvarius experience has the capacity to dissolve barriers, open hearts, and foster a profound sense of unity and inter-connectedness. When Bufo Alvarius is taken between two people with the intention of connecting together as one, in particular, represents a unique and sacred union, where two individuals, already connected on a deep emotional and spiritual level, choose to embark on a shared voyage of self-discovery and growth in that union.

Under the guidance of Brooke Tarrer who is both a highly experienced Bufo Facillitator, as well as an Ordained Minister, and Founder of USNT Church, these intimate ceremonies provide a safe and supportive space for couples to explore the depths of their love and connection through the use of this powerful medicine. By inviting Bufo Alvarius into their sacred union, couples can tap into the infinite wellspring of wisdom and divine consciousness that resides within each of us and bring it to the for front of their relationship. The Bufo experience between couples can facilitate a profound state of ego dissolution, allowing couples to transcend individual identity and merge as one in a state of pure source oneness. In this space, boundaries dissolve, and a deep sense of unity with each other and the universe can be experienced. Through the Sacred Medicine of Bufo Alvarius, couples have the by far the greatest opportunity to release old patterns, traumas, and limiting beliefs that may have held them back individually or as a couple in order to foster new neuro-pathways, ie; new connections within themselves and between each other, allowing an emmence expanse of spiritual growth between eachother as a couple. The medicine's transformative power can help individuals shed layers of conditioning and open themselves up to a higher level of authenticity, vulnerability, and love. This process not only strengthens the bond between partners but also serves as a catalyst for personal growth and spiritual evolution. It is important to note that Bufo Alvarius ceremonies, including wedding unions and when used in this format of Couples Therapy, should always be approached with the utmost respect, preparation, and guidance from experienced facilitators. These ceremonies are not to be taken lightly but rather seen as sacred rites of passage, where the potential for deep healing and transformation is present.

In conclusion, the healing power of Bufo Alvarius for couples is a testament to the profound potential of this sacred medicines to deepen connections, foster personal growth, and transcend the limitations of the self in order to connect with another on a deeply profound and personal level. Through a Bufo Alvarius Couples Therapy Ceremony Session, couples can embark on a shared journey of healing, unity, and spiritual awakening. May this sacred union bring forth profound love, transformation, and a deepening of the divine connection that resides within each partner and their shared path.

When used in Couples Therapy, it is highly recommended that a commitment of three Bufo Alvaruis Ceremony Sessions be committed to and scheduled within a three month period. Though this comes highly recommended it is optional. The Couples Therapy Session requires 2 Pre-Session Intake Calls (one with each person individually), & 1 Pre-Session Zoom Conference Call (together as a couple). Once these 3 calls have been complete the Session(s) can be scheduled. 

The Total Cost for 1 session alone is $500

The Total Cost for a Commitment of 2 Sessions is $800

The Total Cost for a Commitment of 3 Sessions is $1,000

For More details or to schedule your Bufo Alvarius Couple's Therapy Ceremony Session(s), Please Call; (713) 657-9628.

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