Bufo Facilitator
Training Program


USNT offers a two week training program to provide the world with knowledgeable and safe Bufo Practioners that work with Bufo in a sacred way. 

After the training program our graduates are added into a database on our website so that USNT members in all locations can have access to a USNT Bufo Ceremony and take part in this beautiful Sacrament.

The next Bufo Facilitator Training Program is July 31st to August 14th, 2021

All interested individuals are encouraged to apply. For an application, call (713) 657- 9628. Once your application is submitted, upon approval either an interview in person or interview via Skype will be scheduled.   


The Program

During the two weeks of training, our students dive deep into all aspects of Bufo Alvarius, from History & Science, to the Dangers and Risks involved when working with this medicine. Students are taught how to create a relationship with Bufo and guided to work with Bufo in a way that protects this sacrament through learning about the first four sacred medicines and their relation to working with Bufo. Students master this through teachings of tobacco, copal, palo santos, and cedar, and learning to work with these in a ceremonial setting. Thus, learning how to safely facilitate a Bufo Ceremony in a sacred and protected way. The students learn the ways of USNT in order to uphold all of USNT's Standards of Ceremony when bringing this Sacrament to the world.  

USNT is committed to the highest standards of safe practices when working with Bufo Alvarius, for both the safety of all involved and for the protection of this Sacred Medicine. For this reason all of our Graduates become CPR Certified by the American Red Cross during the two week program. 




(713) 657-9628



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